Transfer Case Fluid

Transfer Case Fluid Repair Cost

Disassemble that much of an engine, there often are some other parts that are worth replacing while you have the engine taken that far apart such as Transfer Case Fluid. Things like thermostats, water pumps, timing belts, engine coolant, engine oil, and other gaskets like intake manifold and exhaust manifold gaskets are all options to be replaced during a head gasket repair. Deciding to add these replacement items is often smart as they can save you from future repairs and costs, but can significantly increase your blown head gasket repair cost.

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If your car is out of warranty, then this opens up some freedom for servicing and parts. There are several things you can do with your car out-of-warranty than when it's in warranty:

  • Use non-genuine parts or hunt online for parts overseas, which can be much cheaper
  • Use any mechanic you like
  • Do your own basic maintenance like oil changes